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Here are a few affiliate chat sites powered by the live chat community platform. We have included a few comments from our webmaster affiliates. We welcome your comments and testimonials. Affiliate webmasters may submit comments regarding the program and/or submit your site for inclusion on this page. Please use the support request form inside your affiliate control panel.

Our Live Chat Brands

Our brands are existing chat sites that are available for promotion without creating your own white-label chat platform. By linking to these chat sites you can share advertising revenue. Some webmasters with low traffic might prefer this approach. Alternatively, this is a great way to test your traffic to determine how well it will convert on our affiliate chat platform. All white-label chat sites created by affiliates will be a cobrand of these live chat brands.

See some of our affiliate webmaster white-label chat communities for examples of how the Chat Checks live chat platform can be modified to meet your needs.

Gay Chat Zone

Gay Chat Zone was our first site to ever be powered by the present ChatChecks live chat community software. Gay chat is very strong 24/7 on the ChatChecks Network.

GayChatZone is where everybody went when closed down its popular chat service. ~ JL

Trans Chat Zone

Trans Chat Zone is a non-adult transgender support chat platform. Trans support chat is open for all trans-identifying people along with trans community allies.

Trans chat zone for affiliate webmasters

Shemale Chat Zone

Shemale Chat Zone is an adult-oriented chat platform where shemales and other trans people can meet with allies and admirers to chat and have fun.

Shemale Chat Zone - Live chat affiliate promotions

Adult Trans Chat Zone

Adult Trans Chat Zone is another adult-oriented cobranded chat platform where trans people can meet with allies and admirers to chat and have fun.

Adult Trans Chat Zone

Lesbian Chat Network

Lesbian Chat Network is a live chat community platform for women who identify as lesbian, bisexual, bi-curious or questioning.

Lesbian Chat Network

Bi Chat Zone

Bi Chat Zone is open to men, women or transgender people who identify as bisexual. The chat is flirty and adult in nature.

Bi Chat Zone

Sex Chat Zone

Sex Chat Zone is an adult-oriented sex chat community where men and women can meet up to explore sexual interests and fantasies.

Sex Chat Zone

Fetish Chat Zone

Fetish Chat Zone is for the alternative lifestyles community including BDSM, Female Domination, strap-on sex, roleplay, age play, fetishes and other kinks.

Fetish Chat Zone: Affiliate Webmasters Earn Money!

Databases in the Network

Each of these primary chat communities (gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, shemale, fetish and sex chat) has a unique database so you aren’t limited to just one chat platform for your website. For example you might have separate white-label chat communities for your gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender members. You might also choose to have separate chat platforms for gay chat and gay fetish chat.

Another option is to have separate chat communities based on geographic location such as U.S., UK, Canada, etc. You can set up any number of niches and sub-niches. You can even set up chat communities based on individual states or cities.

Need help deciding how to set up your community? Just submit a support ticket inside your affiliate control panel so we can discuss your needs and help you set up the chat communities that will serve your visitors best.


White Label Chat Examples

The following chat platforms are examples of our affiliates’ white-label chat sites. They are earning passive income while benefiting from user-generated content, and increased bookmarks and return traffic. Our white-label chat community is a great way to keep your visitors loyal to your site. See the following examples to see what some of our affiliate webmasters are doing.

TGGuide Trans Support Chat

TGGuide is one of the original transgender support sites on the internet and our first trans chat site powered by the Chat Checks platform. This is their live support chat.

Chat Checks allows me to focus on running my site rather than managing a chat room and the added revenue always helps. ~ Lori

Adult Trans Chat

Adult Trans Chat is another popular ChatChecks live chat community. Adult transgender chat has proven very popular in the network and conversions are very good.

The adult trans chat platform is the most active I’ve seen anywhere. Thank you! ~ MR

Alt Chatr

Alt Chatr is one of our alternative lifestyles chat communities. We can customize any alternative lifestyles chat community to feature BDSM, Femdom, Fetish, etc.

BonePage Chat

BonePage Adult Classifieds site has installed live chat to allow their visitors and advertisers to interact in the adult chat community.

Thank you for helping us grow the BonePage Adult Classifieds site and tap into new income! ~ SB

Gay4Play Chat

Gay4Play is an adult-oriented gay male site dating back over 20 years. They have joined the Chat Checks affiliate network.

We just wish we had discovered Chat Checks live chat years ago. Great service. ~ RJ

Lesbian Chatr

Lesbian Chatr is part of the Chatr Network, providing live chat for their lesbian, bisexual and bi-curious members.

My Local Shemale

My Local Shemale provides live chat for shemales and their admirers. They are a relatively new member of the Chat Checks Affiliate Program.

Sext Messenger Live Chat

Sext Messenger is a site dedicated to the art of sexy text messages. They are happy to be part of our growing adult chat network.

The live chat is great but there’s more than meets the eye. Our members love the profiles, photo swapping and private messaging. ~ SM

Sheboy Chat is an adult-oriented niche website for shemales and shemale admirers.

Shemale Chat

Shemale Chat is powered by our live chat community platform. The shemale chat is very active.

TG Girlfriends Chat

Transgender Girlfriends is operated by trans dating coach Amber Lynn who helps trans admirers meet transgender women.

TGTalk Adult Chat

TG Talk provides both trans support chat and trans adult chat, both powered by Chat Checks live chat platform.

URNotAlone Trans Support Chat

The iconic trans social site URNotAlone is part of the Chat Checks live chat platform. This is their trans friends and support chat portal.

Thanks for working with me to develop both trans support and adult chat for URNA… much appreciated! ~ Lori

URNotAlone Trans Adult Chat

Trans admirers are also a significant part of URNotAlone and they participate in the Chat Checks trans adult chat platform.

XXX Chatr

XXX Chatr is part of the Chat Network which exclusively uses the Chat Checks live chat platform.

Chat Checks Affiliate Webmasters

Want to see your white-label chat community featured here? We want to showcase our affiliates’ chat communities so just message us when your white-label chat community is live. We’ll review it and consider it for a listing on this page.