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Frequently Asked Questions - The Chat Checks Live Chat Affiliate FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Chat Checks Live Chat Affiliate Program.  Read our FAQ below. Submit your questions.

What is the Chat Checks Affiliate Program?

The Chat Checks live chat community affiliate program was developed with webmasters in mind. Chat Checks provides a full chat community with chat rooms, photo profiles, friends, private messaging,  internal emails, message forums and more.  All features of the Chat Checks community forum are provided at no cost to webmasters. Support is available for those needing assistance setting up white-label chat communities. Webmasters receive 50% of all lifetime revenues generated from members they refer.

What is Included in the Live Chat Community?

Chat Checks community software includes:

  • Live chat rooms
  • Private messaging system
  • Message forums
  • Photo sharing with public and private photo albums
  • Friendship requests
  • Internal email service
  • Message forums

How do I join the Affiliate Program?

The Chat Checks Affiliate Program is currently available by special invitation or by application. You may submit your application to join our live chat affiliate program. We will review your application promptly and notify you when you are accepted. Upon acceptance, you will have instant access to your affiliate control panel, all chat community creatives and our unparalleled affiliate support.

What is a white-label chat community?

Chat Checks Affiliate Program provides you with the tools to create your own chat community. You are able to use our affiliate white-label interface to customize the text, color and images of your chat community. This allows you to closely match the look and feel of your main site. Your site will be hosted on our server and accessible via a sub-domain of your website, for example, This seamless integration helps retain visitors on your site and keeps them returning to your site over and over again so they can join their friends in your chat community.

Who hosts my white-label chat community?

Chat Checks hosts all white-label chat communities. However, this is not obvious to your visitors as they access your white-label chat community via your website, for example, We do not charge for hosting your white-label chat community. In fact, we pay you!

How do I set up a white-label chat community?

All Chat Checks affiliate webmasters have access to the white-label chat community creation tool in the affiliate portal. Simply follow each step in the creation tool to have your white-label chat community set up in minutes. You may edit your white-label chat community any time you wish. You may add custom text, colors, images and metatags to your chat community. This is a great way to encourage search engines to index your chat community.

Do I have to own a website?

No. You may create your chat community in less than one minute using our domain. For example, if you were creating a chat community for dancers you might choose to create your chat community at This option could be useful if you have a social media following but have not developed a website.

What promotional tools do you provide?

Chat Checks provides a variety of promotional tools including:

  • ‘Who’s Online’ thumbnails
  • Custom login boxes
  • API member profiles
  • API member photo galleries

Need something special? Contact us via our affiliate support form with your specifications for custom promotional tools.

When and how do I get paid?

Chat Checks issues affiliate payouts no later than the 15th and 30th of each month. The pay period of the 1st through the 15th of each month will be paid out on or before the 30th. The pay period from the 16th through end of the month will be paid out on or before the 15th of the following month. Affiliate payouts are made in U.S. dollars. We offer multiple payment options via paper check or Zelle.

Do you allow adult websites?

Chat Checks allows white-label chat communities on all websites, provided they are legal. We support free speech, however, we reserve the right to refuse any website that is engaged in illegal activities or is operated to encourage racist or discriminatory behavior.

Do you allow email marketing?

Due to the CAN-SPAM Act, we cannot accept any email marketing. However, you may include links to your own landing pages (containing chat) in your legitimate marketing emails.

May I join your program and only refer webmasters for the 5% lifetime referral commission?

Yes. You do not need a chat community to promote Chat Checks. You will earn 5% lifetime commission for any revenues generated from webmasters you refer to our system. This is a great option for those with newsletters or websites that list online affiliate programs. You may also place our referral link anywhere on your website or social media posts for increased exposure.

Does it cost me anything?

Webmasters never pay anything for the full feature of Chat Checks white-label chat communities, regardless of how many you create. In fact, we pay you 50% commission for the lifetime of your referrals!

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